Connecting Performance Targets to Day-to-Day Operation

Status: Concept
Timeframe: Long-term
Potential Funding: Unspecified


Research is needed to develop guidance concerning the relationship between target setting and day to day operation. The research should help transportation agencies address performance measures related to:
• Congestion
• Safety
• Asset conditions
• Emissions
• Additional measures, such as measures of sustainability and livability.


This research will develop a guidebook on how to link goals and targets to day-to-day operation. The guidebook has the potential to help agencies:
• develop strategies to link targets and goals to the day-to-day operation
• obtain better predictions of future performance

Research Plan:

The proposed research will include the following activities:
• Review existing and successful practices for strengthening the relationship between target setting and day to day operation
• Survey transportation agencies (state DOTs and MPOs) on target setting
• Develop a framework for linking target setting and day to day operation
o Setting targets to support operations in a range of performance areas
o How to address common challenges in target setting
o Considerations in reporting predicted performance
• Prepare a guidance document
• Perform analysis and conduct follow up interviews
• Prepare a final report incorporating the guidance document and detailing the research performed as part of the project

Duration: 9-12 months
Project Budget: $100,000

Topics: Guidance/Lessons Learned
Subjects: Performance Measurement and Management, Risk Management