This page collects tools for TAM practitioners: software programs, spreadsheets, self-assessment tools, and more.

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ROI Spreadsheet Tool – NCHRP Report 866: Return on Investment in Transportation Asset Management Systems and Practices

NCHRP Report 866: Return on Investment in Transportation Asset Management Systems and Practices presents guidance for estimating the ROI for adopting or expandi...

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TAMP Financial Planner

The TAM Financial Planner tool was developed through NCHRP Project 19-12: Guide for Financial Planning and Management in Support of Transportation Asset Managem...

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Risk Register Spreadsheet Tool

This risk register spreadsheet tool was developed for use by state transportation agencies through NCHRP Project 08-36/126. The tool is now available for downlo...

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State of Good Repair: Prioritizing the Rehabilitation and Replacement of Existing Capital Assets and Evaluating the Implications for Transit

This report presents a framework for transit agencies to use for prioritizing capital asset rehabilitation and replacement decisions. By applying this framework...

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AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Gap Analysis Tool

The 2011 AASHTO guide introduced an Excel-based Gap Analysis Tool to illustrate the application of a gap analysis to identify and prioritize needed enhancements...

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NCHRP Report 806: Guide to Cross-Asset Resource Allocation and the Impact on Transportation System Performance

The objective of this research was to develop a guidebook and tool prototype that senior DOT managers may use to analyze and communicate the likely system perfo...

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Estimating the Effects of Pavement Condition on Vehicle Operating Costs

This report presents models for estimating the effects of pavement condition on vehicle operating costs. These models address fuel consumption, tire wear, and r...

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Resource Allocation Logic Framework to Meet Highway Asset Preservation

This report presents a logic framework for allocating limited highway asset preservation funds among competing demands to achieve high levels of system performa...

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Supporting Materials for NCHRP Report 545: Analytical Tools for Asset Management – NT and PT Users Guides, Software, and Appendices A and B

This project developed two software tools to support tradeoff analysis for transportation asset management. The CD-ROM, which accompanies National Cooperative H...