OM – New workforce availability

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OM - Managing Workforce Changes and Availability


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Transportation agencies traditionally had a very steady workforce. The combination of changes in young people’s work patterns and the economic changes that drive workforce availability requires that agencies need to act more proactively on how to deliver transportation programs. Research is needed to understand the behavioral patterns and mechanisms to both mitigate variability in workforce availability and what can be done proactively to benefit the agency.

With the increased funding states are receiving based on the IIJA and BFP. One agency has identified the fact that they may run into contractor availability to meet the needs of the upcoming projects.

Changes in economy. Changes in young people's work styles. With IIJA money, how are agencies going to be able to spend it, manage it? NMDOT is getting $45M for bridge projects, they have to identify the projects and it will strain the workforce to meet the requirements.

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  • Understand changes in transportation workforce behavior
  • Understand the economic forces that change transportation workforce behavior
  • Determine ways that transportation agencies can better manage with these forces
  • Recommend steps that agencies can take to work within these forces

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