Bridge Inspection Practices

Bridge Inspection Practices

This synthesis reports on bridge inspection practices in the United States and selected foreign countries. Specifically, it is a collection of information on formal inspection practices of departments of transportation (DOTs). For U.S. inspection practices, information is presented on inspection personnel (staff titles and functions, qualifications, training and certification, inspection teams, and the assignment of teams to bridges), inspection types (focus, methods, and frequency), and inspection quality control and quality assurance by the DOT inspection programs. Foreign practices are also presented according to inspection personnel, types, and quality programs. Also examined are uses agencies make of information gathered from bridge inspections, what triggers repairs, and plans for future development of inspection programs. Information from Canadian sources can be found in Appendix C. Information for the study was collected through a DOT survey and reviewed bridge inspection manuals. Information was also obtained from 7 European transportation agencies and the South African transportation agency.

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