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  1. TAM Webinar 47 – Improving your Next TAMP: Needs and Priorities
  2. TAM Webinar 46 – Improving your Next TAMP: Overview
  3. TAM Webinar 47 – Improving Your TAMP Miniseries: Asset Management Practices and Benefits
  4. TAMP Case Study 1 – Asset Management Practices and Benefits
  5. TAM Webinar 45 – TAM Communication and Visualization
  6. AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide
  7. TAM Webinar 44 – Integrating the TAMP and the STIP
  8. Iowa Transportation Asset Management Implementation Plan
  9. Asset Management Approaches to Identifying and Evaluating Assets Damaged Due to Emergency Events
  10. Impacts on Practice: Building an Asset Management Framework at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  11. Research Roadmap in the Area of Airport Operations and Maintenance
  12. Using Existing Airport Management Systems to Manage Climate Risk (ACRP Research Report 188)
  13. Decision-Making Toolbox to Plan and Manage Park-and-Ride Facilities for Public Transportation: Guidebook on Planning and Managing Park-and-Ride (TCRP Report 192)
  14. Transportation System Resilience: Preparation, Recovery, and Adaptation
  15. The Relationship Between Transit Asset Condition and Service Quality (TCRP Report 198)
  16. Guidance for Calculating the Return on Investment in Transit State of Good Repair (TCRP Report 206)
  17. Data Management and Governance Practices (NCHRP Synthesis 508)
  18. Case Studies in Cross-Asset, Multi-Objective Resource Allocation (NCHRP Report 921)
  19. Automated Pavement Condition Surveys (NCHRP Synthesis 531)
  20. Geotechnical Asset Management for Transportation Agencies, Volume 2: Implementation Manual (NCHRP Report 903)