TAM Guide Book Club #3 – Life Cycle Planning and Management

This event occured on 2021-05-05.

The new AASHTO Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Guide is available to help transportation agencies advance TAM practices and support them as they conduct TAM activities to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering transportation services through their infrastructure assets. The Guide will be especially helpful now as agencies prepare their 2022 transportation asset management plans (TAMP). The TAM Guide includes templates, how-to checklists, and practice examples that users can access easily to provide support. The digital guide is available at https://www.tamguide.com/ and the print version of the guide can be purchase at https://store.transportation.org/Item/CollectionDetail?ID=217.

This webinar miniseries will help participants get a deeper understanding of the guidance and use interactive means to increase the capacity of participants on using the guide for their TAM needs. Participants will be encouraged to read sections of the guide prior to each webinar but those who have not read the guide will be able to participate and learn during the webinar.

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TAM Guide Book Club #3 – Life Cycle Planning and Management





2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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