AASHTO Subcommittee on Asset Management

Transportation Asset Management is a strategic and systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading, and expanding physical assets effectively throughout their lifecycle. It focuses on business and engineering practices for resource allocation and utilization, with the objective of better decision making based upon quality information and well-defined objectives.

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Chair: Mike Johnson, California DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Anna McLaughlin
FHWA Liaison: Tashia Clemons


Advance the State-of-the-Practice of Transportation Asset Management.


As described in the CPBM TAM Subcommittee Strategic Action Plan, Transportation Asset Management is the standard of practice for state DOTs and others to manage the nation’s physical transportation assets to optimize investment decisions. The mission of the CPBM Subcommittee on Asset Management is to help improve the state-of-the-practice of asset management in State transportation departments. The Subcommittee works to help states optimize resources by utilizing performance-based goals and measures for operation, preservation, and improvement of their transportation systems. The subcommittee provides information about the development of asset management tools, analysis methods, and research; communicates with AASHTO member States on how to utilize asset management; assists member states in implementing asset management principles; documents how asset management is being used and can be used in the future; and develops partnerships with public and private entities having an interest in and commitment to asset management. The Subcommittee on Asset Management leadership includes a chair from the Standing Committee on Planning, a vice chair from the Standing Committee on Highways, and a secretary from the Federal Highway Administration. Subcommittee on Asset Management membership includes eight representatives from the Standing Committee on Planning (two per AASHTO region), and eight representatives from the Standing Committee on Highways (two per AASHTO region). In addition, membership includes one member each from the Administrative Subcommittee on Transportation Finance, the Standing Committee on Public Transportation, and the Standing Committee on Rail Transportation.

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Meetings are held monthly on the third Monday from 1 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Sign up for the TAM mailing list (in the footer of this page) to receive information about the next session!
Zoom link for recurring meeting is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85329871876?pwd=Q2IyZlh2dGljRW9LVHpOM3hkN2dNQT09

Committee Leadership

Chair: Matt Haubrich, Iowa DOT
Vice-Chair: Mike Johnson, Caltrans
Membership Coordinator: Louis Feagans, Indiana DOT
Policy/Rulemaking Coordinator: Todd Lamphere, Washington State DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Matt Hardy
FHWA Liaison: Tashia Clemons
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