Guidance for Tracking Critical Data Items to Reduce Asset Lifecycle Costs and Support Treatment Decisions

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Guidance for Tracking Critical Data Items to Reduce Asset Lifecycle Costs and Support Treatment Decisions



Research Period

18 months


Due to legislative mandates and advances in organizational practices, transportation planning agencies have engaged in intensive data collection activities. The resulting data has been used, to some extent, by these agencies to guide their resource allocation decisions for their infrastructure assets. However, there still remains vast amounts of underutilized data that, if leveraged appropriately, could be used by planning agencies to improve the cost-effectiveness of their infrastructure maintenance and preservation activities. As a result, it is important that planning agencies gain better insights regarding the types of data frequently available within infrastructure management systems that can be used to reduce the life-cycle costs of an agency’s assets.

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The proposed research will:

  • Identify and classify data items required to inform the maintenance and rehabilitation of different asset types.
  • Determine the degree of relevance/criticality of select data items towards treatment decisions.
  • Identify the level of detail required for asset management decisions at both the project and network level.
  • Construct sensitivity analyses between data elements and infrastructure performance to explore the relationships that exist between them. This would also justify which data items are worth investing more resources into in order to mitigate uncertainties in developing long-term infrastructure preservation plans.

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