Guidance in the Development of Communication Plans and Asset Management

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Guidance in the Development of Communication Plans and Asset Management



Research Period

24 months


Agencies have a need to tell a better story. The utility of a well-thought out story, called a marketing plan, is to convert the non-believing decision makers and public. A well-conceived plan must translate the technical issues to something that resonates with public. For example, Ohio has marketing toolbox for continuous improvement with tools designed specifically for internal and external users. Although Asset Management is the right thing to do, the public still does not rally behind the cause. A possible solution is heavy branding and thorough communications plans.

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The focus of this research can be divided into three main categories. Firstly, prior information must be collected and organized. This is accomplished through:
• Case studies and examples of best practice
• Creating a synthesis of state’s best practices
The next step is to build tools that allow for better asset management marketing, such as:
• Communication, sales, and/or a media science application to help craft a way to tell the story
• Creating a marketing plan that can be used to educate and train
• Training to Speak a language that all can understand
• Communicating the secondary benefits of TAM
Finally, follow-ups of the methods must be conducted to measure efficacy. This could include examining:
• How effective are the marketing and communication? Is the message being received?
• How has public perception changed?

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