SMET – Acquiring Better Data (Private Sector, Third Party, Fused Datasets)

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Alex Finch

Connecticut DOT

[email protected]

SMET - Acquiring Better Data (Private Sector, Third Party, Fused Datasets)


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  • Seek better data from the private sector and third parties, and fuse this data with DOT data to generate new comparisons and insights.
  • Collect and develop datasets for mobility and traffic.
  • Explore the availability of new datasets and identify ways to use datasets with DOT data for calibration of QA/QC.
  • Compare the scope, availability, reliability, and accuracy of privately available transportation mobility and traffic datasets sold by companies such as INRIX, Teralytics, Streetlight, etc.
  • Update and improve data definitions, especially for traffic. (State DOTs often measure traffic in discrete measures like AADT, but people are increasingly using a blend of modes to move from origin to destination, and traffic data should reflect that.)

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Alex Finch

Connecticut DOT

[email protected]

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