Support Data Governance Implementation

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Support Data Governance Implementation



Research Period

12 months


• Recent NCHRP research products have documented data governance techniques and provided tools for agencies to assess their current data governance practices and identify strategies for improvement.
• NCHRP 08-115 (publication pending) included data governance as one of several foundational activities for improving use of data and information for transportation asset management. An NCHRP 20-44 proposal is in process to conduct pilot implementations of the guidance and assessment tool developed through that project, and produce supplemental guidance materials based on the pilots.
• Many DOTs are implementing data governance – through establishing governance bodies, defining data stewardship roles and putting standard processes in place. The AASHTO Data Management and Analytics Committee has established a Chief Data Officer (CDO) peer group to enable ongoing sharing of data governance practices.
• This project would build on the established base of prior and ongoing work on data governance. It would focus specifically on providing specific examples or models that can be applied to help advance asset management practice through data governance.

Literature Search Summary

• Synthesis 508 Data Management and Governance Practices
• NCHRP Report 920 Management and Use of Data for Transportation Performance Management: Guide for Practitioners
• NCHRP Report 814 Data to Support Transportation Agency Business Needs
• NCHRP 20-44 (12) Building Capacity for Self-Assessment of Data Effectiveness for Agency Business Needs (new project)
• NCHRP 08-115 Guidebook for Data and Information Systems for Transportation Asset Management


Provide support to implement the data governance practices and processes recommended through NCHRP 08-115, Guidebook for Data and Information Systems for Transportation Asset Management.

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