71st Highway Geology Symposium: 2022 Proceedings

71st Highway Geology Symposium: 2022 Proceedings

This publication documents the proceedings of the 71st Highway Geology Symposium held in 2022. A Geotechnical Asset Management Peer Exchange, "Obstacles and Opportunities Recognized Through Geotechnical Asset Management Implementation," was held. The Geotechnical Asset Management Subcommittee met for the following presentations: "North Carolina DOT’s Resiliency Program"; "Efforts to Quantify the Benefits of Implementing Resilience Measures for Geologic Hazards in Colorado"; "Observable effects on vulnerable highways: Examples from Alaska"; "Washington DOT Resiliency Efforts"; a summary of an FHWA peer exchange on resilience programs and their effects on asset management programs; and "Tools to understand asset inventory, condition, and threats to resilience."

Infrastructure Assets: Geotechnical, Highway Assets
Resource Types: Presentation
Capabilities: Data & Information Systems, Tools & Technology
Management Processes: Performance Based Planning & Programming

Highway Geology Symposium

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