A Multi-Perspective Study On Safety Performance at the Colorado DOT

A Multi-Perspective Study On Safety Performance at the Colorado DOT

This report, the second of a two-part research effort, sought to determine how to improve the effectiveness of safety programs and safety culture at CDOT. Researchers consulted with senior safety officials to craft survey questions, which were distributed to field crews and supervisory personnel across all five CDOT regions. The survey received 470 responses, as well as 341 open-ended comments from workers on the safety culture at CDOT. Findings from the survey included mixed opinions on whether safety practices were actually changing within CDOT; while field crews indicated they were provided with proper safety equipment and felt comfortable discussing safety issues, but the crews also felt that their supervisors may not necessarily act on safety concerns. Based on the results of the survey, it is recommended that CDOT not only continue to engage in the enhancement of its safety culture, but that it undertake a follow-up effort to better understand regional differences, and discrepancies between the perceptions of supervisors and field crew.

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