AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide – A Focus on Implementation: Executive Summary

AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide - A Focus on Implementation: Executive Summary

This guide provides considerable background information about Transportation Asset Management (TAM), the advantages of using TAM, and an approach that agencies can use to identify where they are now and where they should focus their asset management efforts. The guide aims to stimulate transportation agencies in addressing strategic questions as they confront the task of managing and overhauling America's surface transportation system, such as: 1. What do we want to accomplish and why? 2. What Alternatives are available for changing the current business model to achieve these objections? 3. What resources are available to succeed in this mission? 4. How do we measure success? The guide is presented in 3 major parts: Part 1 focuses on organizing and leading TAM. This would be of most interest to executive management. Part 2 focuses on processes, tools, systems, and data. This part would be of most interest to practitioners. Appendices include examples of assess management plans and four in-depth case studies of local and international agencies' experiences in implementing TAM.
The executive summary can be downloaded directly at: http://www.tam-portal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/TAMGFI-ES-whole.pdf.
The complete guide can be purchased from the AASHTO Bookstore at https://bookstore.transportation.org/collection_detail.aspx?ID=100.

Infrastructure Assets: Bridge, Highway Assets, Pavement
Resource Types: Guide/Manual, Research Report
Capabilities: Data & Information Systems
Management Processes: Strategic Direction


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