Arizona DOT TAMP June 2019

Arizona DOT TAMP June 2019

The Arizona DOT TAMP uses risk-based, systematic process planning to lay out the groundwork for the long-term health of its asset inventory. Its goal is to develop data-oriented investment strategies to achieve the desired state of good repair. These asset management practices aim to ensure that the Arizona DOT can provide dependable and efficient operation of its transportation network to improve Arizona’s economic competitiveness and quality of life.

ADOT prepared this TAMP June 28, 2019, containing the following elements:

Asset management objectives;
A summary description of the condition of SHS and NHS pavements and bridges, regardless of ownership;
Asset management performance measures and state DOT targets for asset condition;
Performance gap analysis;
Risk management analysis, including an evaluation of facilities repeatedly damaged by emergency events;
Network life cycle planning;
A financial plan; and
Investment strategies.

Infrastructure Assets: Bridge, Drainage, Highway Assets
Resource Types: Plan
Capabilities: Data & Information Systems
Management Processes: Performance Reporting & Communication, Resource Allocation, Risk Management

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