Emerging Challenges to Priced Managed Lanes

Emerging Challenges to Priced Managed Lanes (NCHRP Synthesis 559)

A comprehensive review of the challenges of implementing managed lanes from the perspective of state DOTs is presented in this research report. The review covers much of the available literature (60 publications and over 700 media articles), a survey sent to 50 state DOTs, and six relevant case studies. With an often highly dubious public, there is quite a wide gap between the goals of DOTs' managed lanes and the public's assumptions. This research seeks to understand that gap and present best practices for overcoming the challenges facing tolling or pricing on managed lanes.

Infrastructure Assets: Highway Assets, ITS, Pavement
Resource Types: Research Report
Capabilities: Communication
Management Processes: Performance Reporting & Communication


Publication Year:

Report Number:
NCHRP Synthesis 559

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NCHRP 20-05/Topic 50-08

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