Massachusetts DOT TAMP 2023

Massachusetts DOT TAMP 2023

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has developed this 2023 update to its Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) to document its progress toward a long-term state-of-good repair (SOGR) in its pavement and bridge assets. This TAMP complies with 23 CFR 515.7, which calls for state departments of transportation (DOTs) to develop and implement a 10-year risk-based asset management plan for pavement and bridge assets on the National Highway System (NHS). MassDOT has chosen to include in the TAMP all pavement and bridges on the NHS (regardless of owner) and all pavement and bridges owned by MassDOT (regardless of NHS status).

Infrastructure Assets: Highway Assets
Resource Types: Plan
Management Processes: Performance Based Planning & Programming, Resource Allocation, Risk Management, Strategic Direction, Target Setting

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