Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Highway-Rail Grade Crossings – 2013

Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Highway-Rail Grade Crossings – 2013

This issue contains 13 papers concerned with traffic control devices, visibility, and highway-rail grade crossings. Specific topics addressed include: “vehicle entering when flashing” signs; countdown-only pedestrian change interval displays; driver perception-reaction time under rainy or wet roadway conditions at the onset of yellow indications; improved dilemma zone identification; left-turning driver behavior during the permissive interval of protected-permissive operation; and expectancy violations on frontage and conventional roads at interchanges. Other topics discussed include: illuminance from LED luminaires; the impact of modern headlamp technology on design criteria for sag vertical curves; background complexity of overhead guide signs; nighttime visibility of in-service pavement markings; replacing roadway lighting with new lighting technologies; injury severity of motor vehicle drivers at highway-rail grade crossings; and advanced devices for preventing crashes and gate-breaking incidents at highway-rail grade crossings.

Infrastructure Assets: Guideway, Highway Assets, ITS, Other Highway Assets
Resource Types: Article
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