Guide to Cross-Asset Resource Allocation and the Impact on Transportation System Performance (NCHRP Report 806)

Resource Set: Guide to Cross-Asset Resource Allocation and the Impact on Transportation System Performance (NCHRP Report 806)

This resource set collects the NCHRP Report and the related tool for aiding managers in understanding and making investment decisions across asset types. Both resources were completed through the NCHRP Project 08-91.

Performance Areas:
Bridge, Pavement
Infrastructure Assets:
Management Processes:
Performance Reporting & Communication, Resource Allocation
Agency Functions:
Maintain, Operate, Plan, Policy

| Tool

This tool was developed as a part of NCHRP Project 08-91 alongside Report 806. The tool analyzes transportation asset management investment decisions.

The tool is only available for download as a .ISO CD-ROM Image. For more information about .ISO files, check out this resource. Users may find that their agency's security policies limit the practical application of this software. The tool's developers, Kevin Ford and Qiang Bai, may be able to provide technical assistance if contacted via email.

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Publication Date: January 2015

Publisher: TRB

| Research Report, Website

Asset Management, Bridge, Pavement, Safety

The objective of this research was to develop a guidebook and tool prototype that senior DOT managers may use to analyze and communicate the likely system performance impact of investment decisions across multiple types of transportation assets. The guidebook includes a framework incorporating (a) the several dimensions of system performance important to stakeholders (such as mobility, safety, and community livability); (b) the multiple measures an agency uses to describe condition and service of particular classes of transportation-system assets (such as pavements, signals, and drainage structures); and (c) the targets that an agency may set for the various dimensions of performance.
The framework and tool prototype were developed under NCHRP Project 08-91 to reflect both technical best practices and transportation agency organizational and institutional needs.

Publication Date: January 2014

Publisher: Transportation Research Board