Integrating Asset Management into the Transportation Planning Process

Resource Set: Integrating Asset Management into the Transportation Planning Process

This resource set includes a white paper and a video presentation which cover the topic of project planning processes and programming within transportation asset management.

Agency Types:
State DOT

| Presentation, Webinar/Video

This presentation focuses on transportation asset management and its likely rise to prominence in the near future. It explains that transportation asset management practices are applicable at all levels of transportation management and can improve efficiency and decision making. The slides are available here.

Publication Date: July 2016

Publisher: AASHTO

| Research Report

The transportation planning process is evolving to include greater prominence for asset management in long-range plans and short-term transportation programs. This paper examines some of the challenges and opportunities surrounding the incorporation of asset management into key transportation documents such as state and MPO long-range plans and transportation improvement programs. The information contained in this briefing paper was prepared at the request of the Transportation Asset Management Expert Task Group (TAM ETG).

Publication Date: September 2015

Publisher: AASHTO