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A collection of documents related to the Risk Register Spreadsheet Tool. It includes the tool report and the tool.

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This document provides an explanation of the steps taken to develop the risk register tool. The research team conducted a survey of current practices for risk management across state DOTs, international agencies, and non-transportation organizations. Then they built a draft tool and received user feedback before finalizing the tool.

Publication Date: September 2016

Publisher: TRB

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This risk register spreadsheet tool was developed for use by state transportation agencies through NCHRP Project 08-36/126. The tool is now available for download from the project page. The project final report describes the resulting tool. Both enterprise- and program-level examples are also provided. Notably, the tool was designed to reflect the guidance developed for the related research effort, NCHRP Project 08-93: Managing Risk Across the Enterprise: A Guidebook for State Departments of Transportation

The following products are available:
Enterprise-Level Example
Program-Level Example

Publication Date: September 2016