Performance Measures and Targets for Transportation Asset Management

Performance Measures and Targets for Transportation Asset Management

The two volumes included in this report--Volume I, Research Report, and Volume II, Guide for Performance Measure Identification and Target Setting--will help transportation agencies apply the concepts of performance management to their asset management efforts. Volume I describes the research effort and provides the current state of practice on the use of performance measures, principally in the context of transportation asset management. Volume II introduces a framework for identifying performance measures and setting target values, and its appendixes contain examples of performance measures and targets. The emphasis was on highway infrastructure assets. Performance measures and target values are critical to the principles of asset management to analyze tradeoffs, make investment decisions, and monitor intended effects. The report will be of interest throughout transportation agencies as an aid to effective decision making and the optimization of resources.

Resource Types: Research Report
Capabilities: Tools & Technology
Management Processes: Monitoring & Adjustment, Performance Reporting & Communication, Target Setting

Transportation Research Board

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