Utah DOT TAMP 2016

Utah DOT TAMP 2016

Development of the 2014-2019 Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) provides UDOT with an integrated, comprehensive and strategic approach to meet transportation needs while keeping the current system in good condition. The strength of this data-driven plan is that it demonstrates results, accountability, and transparency. Decisions are supported by the data generated in UDOT processes, sound engineering judgment and evaluation of transportation needs across Utah. The Utah TAMP provides a systematic framework and answers resource management questions such as:
• How should each asset be managed and what are the risks involved?
• What is the funding and performance relationship between different assets?
• What are the long term implications of asset related decisions made today?
• What long term funding is needed to maintain least cost asset condition?

Infrastructure Assets: Bridge, Highway Assets, Pavement
Resource Types: Plan
Management Processes: Performance Based Planning & Programming, Risk Management, Target Setting

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